SE 2

2024 / 2 single-channel videos + 1 object / colour + b&w / sound + silent


SE 2 Notes — single-channel video / 10' / colour + b&w / sound
SE 2 Photos — single-channel video / 13' / colour + b&w / silent
SE 2 Phone — single-channel video on broken iPhone mounted with screen facing the wall / 1'54" / colour / silent


The iPhone SE 2 was released in 2020 as a budget alternative to the mainline iPhones. It is now an obsolete device. The cracks on the device itself, previously a nuisance of daily usage, now look like age rings on a tree. The material gathered with the phone are snapshots: fragments of unplanned encounters, screenshots of found things or pictures to communicate logistics. They seem to say, “I am here now,” and are never to be looked at again.

SE 2 Photos is a performance video in which I swipe through a selection of 100 pictures made with or collected on the SE 2, while SE 2 Notes is a collage of video's made with the SE 2. The phone, from which all this aforementioned material is sourced, is featured as part of the installation: it is mounted on 4 black nails with its screen facing a few centimeters from the wall and plays a 2-minute animation of all 5.741 pictures that were on the photo roll.



Commissioned by Larry Gall.