Here & Elsewhere

2023 / 10’40” / digital / colour, b&w / sound (original title: Hier & Elders)


A romantic film in which water serves as a guiding force for a journey with an unclear destination. Loosely based on Jorge Luis Borges' poem Arte Poética.


"This sounds like a soothing intellectual enterprise, but be warned. Ruiter's film is an object of jagged beauty, adopting classical aesthetics -- water on skin, light through windows on walls, etc. -- in order to continually thwart expectation. In a way, Ruiter offers a compendium of image qualities and textures: grainy black and white, jewel-like Super 8, crisp digital frames, oil painting, even desktop windows. The undercurrent of Here & Elsewhere is one of establishment and disruption (...)" —Michael Sicinski

And here's an interview with See-NL's Nick Cunningham about the film. Maximilien Luc Proctor listed it as one of his favourites for ScreenSlate.


Technical specs

Materials used: super8, minidv, paper & 4k. Available as digital file and DCP (5.1).


With Claudi & Anna. Sound mix & master by Rob Peters. Super8 material developed by Super8 Reversal Lab & processed by Onno Petersen.