My name is Bram Ruiter and I am a filmmaker from the Netherlands. My work consist mostly of collage-like, poetic films about the act of creation and the demystification of craft. My approach is focused on the image as an object of time and texture, and whose meaning is contextual.

Our documentary series Super Game Jam was first screened at A Maze Fest in Berlin and went on to be shown at Fantastic Fest in Austin (Texas) among others. It received some praise from the video games industry and continues to inspire aspiring game developers to this day. Which was kind of the point, so that's great. Perpetual Spawning, the third in a series of experimental machinima, won an award at the Milan Machinima Festival and went on to be exhibited at the HSE Art Gallery, Moscow.

In short: I have worked on films, documentaries, art installations, music videos and commercials as a director, editor and writer (among many other capacities) with a variety of companies, individuals and bureaus.

I also teach filmmaking at ArtEZ University of the Arts in Zwolle, The Netherlands.

Thank you for reading!

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