Promotional Work

Below is a selection of promotional work, commissioned by a wide array of companies and individuals. I've made longer form documentaries as well as shortform online content.

IN_Architecture + Corporeal Promos

2' each — 4:3 — colour — prod. 2018

A compilation of interviews with (ex-)students as an introduction to the interior architecure department at ArtEZ. Featured is the video for the Masters. You can find the associative degree video here. Commissioned by ArtEZ.

Promo IntoHair 2018

4' — 16:9 — colour — prod. 2018

A short documentary-like promo to highlight the craft behind cutting hair. Commissioned by IntoHair.

Earthenware Crowdfunding trailer

2' — 16:9 — colour — prod. 2017

A crowdfunding trailer concerning crockery. Commissioned by Atelier van Middendorp.

Small and Personal and Tranquil

documentary — 12' — 21:9 — colour — prod. 2017

Every year, a small crowd of game developers gathers at the sleepy Swedish town of Karlshamn to attend Creative Coast, a small festival exhibiting interactive art. Commissioned by Creative Coast.

Once A World

10' — 16:9 — colour — prod. 2016

A short documentary in which painter Mattie Schilders muses about his career and process. Commissioned by Mattie Schilders.

Moving Mesdag — Case Video

3' — 16:9 — colour — prod. 2015-2016

One of many promotional trailers for the Moving Mesdag project. Commissioned by ConspiracySinc and Samsung.

Kunst Verbindt — Marc Langer

2' each — 16:9 — colour — prod. 2015-2016

One of 20 mini-documentaries about Dutch artists. Commissioned by KunstNL.